Wellesbourne businesses lose case, launch appeal

The businesses on Wellesbourne Airfield have lost their case to renew their leases.

The future for the businesses – including flying school Take Flight Aviation – is uncertain as the airfield owner is attempting to get planning permission to build houses on the site.

Yesterday, Monday 25 June, Judge Richard Hadyn Williams at the Birmingham County Court denied the business tenants at Wellesbourne airfield the possibility of renewing their business leases on the basis that the Landlords had a “reasonable prospect” of gaining planning permission to demolish the buildings the tenants occupy.

This is despite Stratford-on-Avon District Countil safeguarding the airfield in the Local Plan and not including it as a site for housing. Councillor Chris Saint, leader of the Council said at the time, “The airfield is an important employment and recreation site within the District. The council’s adopted Core Strategy is very much in support of this and the unanimous decision today by The Cabinet greatly endorses this.”

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There is a chance the council will buy the airfield under a Compulsory Purchase Order but no statement has yet been issued by the council.

Mike Roberts of Take Flight Aviation has launched a crowdfunding bid for funds to help pay legal fees to appeal the Judge’s decision.

“Some of the seven tenants businesses at Wellesbourne may fold with legal fees and associated expert fees already well in excess  of a quarter of a million pounds,” said Mike.

“We are launching a legal appeal but this costs money and we’re hoping that you can help by making a donation and by passing this message on to your friends.

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“These donations will help fund the legal costs to launch an appeal on behalf of all the current businesses at Wellesbourne Airfield.

“This case doesn’t just affect Wellesbourne Airfield but the future of General Aviation.”

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