Biggin Hill looking for Light Aviation Centre partner

A brand new Light Aviation Centre is to be built at London Biggin Hill Airport. The centre will manage all general aviation activity including flight training.

The Airport has asked for Expressions of Interest from potential development partners to operate the centre.

The new Light Aviation Centre (LAC) will include hangars with a minimum capacity of 21,000 sq ft and an aircraft apron of the same size. Much of the existing light aircraft parking, both indoor and outdoor, will be relocated to the LAC.

“We want light aviation to continue here at the airport, so we are constructing a dedicated centre in support of this activity,” said Will Curtis, managing director, London Biggin Hill Airport.

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“This will enable us to maintain safe operations, despite the growth in business aviation activity. The LAC development will be a high quality and well managed facility, consistent with the image and supportive service levels typical of other businesses at the airport.

“We have selected the site for the new centre specifically for its proximity to the main runway, in particular for aircraft landing on runway 21, thereby allowing for a quick line up and turn off after landing.”

The new LAC will provide and manage all flying training, flight instructors and training facilities at the airport.

Expressions of interest should be directed to Will Curtis.

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