Aero Expo, Wycombe Air Park

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Aero Expo

1 – 3 June 2017

Wycombe Air Park, Booker, Marlow, United Kingdom

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The UK’s top General Aviation event is Aero Expo, being staged this year at Wycombe Air Park from 1-3 June. The exhibitor list is a Who’s Who of the UK’s aviation community, with some overseas businesses attending too.

Aircraft manufacturers, equipment suppliers, services and, of course, FLYER magazine will be present, both outdoors and inside the hangars. Come along to see us for free coffee and popcorn!

Among those exhibiting will be Lambert Aircraft, who will be giving its new tailwheel version of the Mission M108 light sport aircraft its debut. Like many aircraft, the tailwheeler looks better than the nosewheel version although performance is similar. It’s powered by the latest Rotax 912iS Sport, has either a Dynon or Garmin G3X Touch glass cockpit, airframe parachute and adjustable seats.

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Also showing will be Aviat Aircraft with the latest Husky, Autogyro, Bristell, Cirrus, CubCrafters, Diamond, Eclipse, EuroFox, Evektor, Just Aircraft, Pilatus, Piper, Stemme, Tecnam, Textron Aviation and TBM.

The Light Aircraft Association (LAA) will be launching a new promotion aimed at encouraging younger pilots to join – the ’30 Under 30′ campaign, ie join for £30, saving £28.

“Many younger pilots often don’t realise that the LAA offers some of the lowest cost flying there is, with a share in typical LAA type aircraft costing quite a bit less than a secondhand car,” said Steve Slater, CEO of the LAA.

“It’s a great way of ensuring newly qualified pilots continue to push their boundaries and discover new flying adventures, either in taking the trusty flying club steed to an LAA fly-out or gathering, or exploring a new type with the help of a fellow LAA owner or pilot coach.”

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Pilots flying in are reminded that it’s essential to book a slot via the Aero Expo website. Admission to the event is free for pilots but a landing fee must be paid to Wycombe Air Park: £20 single-engine, £30 multi-engine, £50 executive aircraft. Admission for non-pilots and anyone arriving by road is £15 for a one-day pass booked in advance online, £20 on the gate.