Warner radial back after 70 years

A radial engine that went out of production 70 years ago is to go back into production. The seven-cylinder Warner 185X is a joint venture between Monocoupe Aeroplane Corporation and Warner Engine Company.

It follows the launch of Monocoupe Aeroplane Corporation’s kitplane version of the classic 1930s Clip Wing Monocoupe (pictured above, photo courtesy of North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum).

“When looking for the perfect engine, we looked at the original Monocoupe’s power plant and started researching the Warner engines which led us to John Duncan, owner of the Warner Engine Co, LLC,” said John Worm, one of the company founders.

“We knew that the perfect choice would be the Warner 185 which was rated at 200hp for take-off and 185hp constant at just 2175rpm. With today’s modern technology, better materials, using higher compression and fuel octane and the addition of fuel injection and electronic ignition, we project the 555 cubic inch radial will produce in excess 275hp.”

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Watch a Warner radial start-up

“This is a historical moment in aviation as we build an updated version of a radial engine that went out of production over 70 years ago,” he continued.

“We are working on CAD drawn models that will enable us to produce the engines using modern CNC machinery and advanced machining techniques, all of which will lead to a higher quality part with tighter tolerances.

“Plans are for the engine to have billet aluminum cases, jugs, and heads machined on CNC 5-axis mills right here in the USA. We are working with the leading engine parts companies in America to produce everything from pistons and crankshafts to updated ignition and charging systems.

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“Our business plan includes an in-house dyno so we can run every engine prior to delivery to insure the highest quality product available. We know that this engine is a gamechanger for the experimental airplane market due to its relatively compact size and high horsepower and torque.”

Monocoupe Aeroplane Corporation