Honda announces upgraded HondaJet Elite

Honda Aircraft Company revealed a new upgraded aircraft, the HondaJet Elite, at this year’s European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) being staged at Geneva Airport, Switzerland.

The HondaJet Elite has an extended range of an additional 17% (+396km) and is equipped with a newly developed noise attenuating inlet structure that lines each engine and greatly reduces high frequency noise to enhance cabin quietness.

Additionally, the new aircraft’s advanced avionics system incorporates additional performance management functions for optimum flight planning and automatic stability and protection functions to enhance safety of flight.

The HondaJet Elite is type certified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

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Key features:

  • Range: 1,437 nautical miles. Longer range makes it the furthest-flying aircraft in its class
  • Noise Attenuating Engine Inlets: Advanced inlet technology created to reduce exterior and interior noise
  • Performance Management: Provides optimized performance planning for all phases of flight such as airspeed / cruise altitude, fuel flow, etc
  • Takeoff/Landing Distance (TOLD) Management: Automatic computation of the required runway length, V-speeds, climb/approach gradients, etc
  • Stability and Protection with Roll and AoA Functions: Provides enhanced safety features for manual flying that will deter aircraft operation outside the normal flight envelope
  • AFCS Coupled Go-Around with Underspeed Protection
  • New Exterior Colours with Signature Paint Schemes: Ice Blue, Ruby Red, Monarch Orange
  • Bongiovi Audio System – An industry first speaker-less in-cabin sound system.
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